Minutes of Rapist Rick Curl’s Local Swim Committee: ‘Many “Attackers” Looking to Blame USA Swimming’

Published May 31st, 2013, Uncategorized

Shortly after admitted rapist Rick Curl slunk away from the Curl-Swim Club — first “rebranded” as CUBU, then as NCAP (“Nation’s Capital Swim Club”) — four NCAP officials attended the meeting of the Fall Competition Committee of Potomac Valley Swimming, the USA Swimming local affiliate or “LSC.”

Here’s what NCAP’s Brian Pawlowicz, Tom Ugast, Pete Morgan, and Art Davis heard committee administrative chair Paris Jacobs report:

“Please note, there is a lot of false of information and many ‘attackers’ out there looking to blame USA Swimming. If you have questions, come and ask. You can call USA-S Executive Director, Chuck Wielgus or USA S President Bruce Stratton. Call Paris to ask questions; just don’t automatically assume that what you are ready or hearing is accurate. There are bloggers out there that are attacking our Sport. USA Swimming is ahead in Safe Sport when compared to all other National Governing Bodies. There is a lot of good going on in our sport we need to remember the good and ask questions in order to stay informed.”

The minutes of the September 23, 2012, meeting are online at http://www.pvswim.org/ccm/12_fall_ccm_minutes.htm.

Irv Muchnick