USA Swimming Sponsor CeraVe: We Take Sex Abuse Scandals ‘Seriously And Are Weighing Next Steps’

‘Missoula swim coach mired in national sexual abuse case’
May 28, 2013
USA Swimming Lies About Greg Winslow Investigation — Says He Can Only Be on ‘Watch List’
May 29, 2013

Concussion Inc.’s Tim Joyce is soliciting responses of USA Swimming sponsors to the newest turns of the coach sex abuse scandals — especially the call by Rick Curl victim Kelley Davies Currin, echoed by The Washington Post, for a Congressional investigation.

The first swim sponsor to respond was Valeant Pharmaceutics, maker of the CeraVe line of facial moisturizers and cleansers. Laurie W. Little, vice president of investor relations, gave us this statement:

“CeraVe has enjoyed its association with the fine athletes who swim under the USA Swimming banner and we endorse their dedication to swimming as a competitive sport. We take these recent developments seriously and are weighing next steps.”

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Concussion Inc. - Author Irvin Muchnick