Utah Mailbag: ‘What Was Hope a Month Ago Is Turning to Despair’

Published April 24th, 2013, Uncategorized

From a parent of a victim of Greg Winslow’s (non-sexual) abuse at the University of Utah:

“I am fearful that Arizona will not be charging Greg Winslow the longer this drags out. And … I know families that have NOT been contacted by investigator Michael Glazier and company. I think there are some families they are weeding out and not approaching. On the the other hand, among the families that I do know have been contacted, there is anxiety about being ‘interrogated’ by the special investigators — so much so that those that can not afford legal counsel, I think, are leaning towards not participating at all. Which is sad — they will be written off as not cooperative when really it is just not seen as a welcoming process to tell our stories. And all stories need to be told and heard. It feels like the victims and their families are being victimized yet again by this process.

“What was hope, a month ago, that justice will be served is turning to despair that the Big University will win yet again.”