Are the University of Utah and the Arizona Prosecutor Running Out the Clock on Greg Winslow Scandals?

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April 23, 2013
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April 24, 2013

Collaborator Tim Joyce and I know that some witnesses in the University of Utah’s “investigation of the investigation” of deposed abusive swim coach Greg Winslow, and the cover-up of same, still have not been contacted by the Utes’ panel of insider heavy hitters and imported NCAA fixers. Others have had interviews scheduled … next month!

It’s patently obvious that the Utes hope this scenario fades quickly from public consciousness, allowing a final report to screen off the accountability of such higher-ups as athletic director Chris Hill and university president David Pershing. The lightning-fast chain reaction that brought down Rutgers athletic director Tim Pernetti, on the heels of Saturday Night Live-parodied madman basketball coach Mike Rice, will not be in evidence in the disciplinary fallout of a monster coach in a “non-revenue” sport. Never mind that Winslow was magnitudes worse than Rice, and did his best — or worst — to ruin many more lives.

The blogger who authors the Utah fans’ comment site Hoyo’s Revenge yesterday tweeted, “The folks that Utah brought in to investigate the Swim Scandal should get an award for how to cover up and make a scandal go away…. [T]hey’re going to push any finding release till summer it’ll get 1 day in the press and all Ute fans will forget.”

We’ll see about that. We know some families of heinously mistreated swimmers who are determined to get a full and educational airing of Winslow’s six-year reign of terror.


Meanwhile, the Maricopa County attorney’s decision on whether to accept the Arizona State University police recommendation to charge Winslow with two counts of sexual abuse of a minor plunges deep into its ninth week. Customarily, the prosecutor announces his decision in such matters within 30 days.


Irv Muchnick

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