Bruno Sammartino’s Fellow WWE Hall of Famer, Larry ‘Abdullah the Butcher’ Shreve, Is Confirmed to Have Hepatitis C — Probably Infected Other Wrestlers in Blood Matches

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A couple of years ago, as he was being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, we related that a blubberbuss named Larry Shreve, who went by the wrestling handle “Abdullah the Butcher,” was accused of having endangered other performers with Hepatitis C during his specialty brand of matches, which often involved intermingling the blood set flowing by each of them, in many cases via a single razor blade Abdullah not so surreptitiously wielded. Wrestler Devon Nicholson, who says his shot at WWE fame and fortune was ruined by his own diagnosis of Hepatitis C, sued Shreve.

See “A Few Words About WWE Hall of Famer and Bloodlust Sicko ‘Abdullah the Butcher’,” April 2, 2011,

I’ve now obtained a November 2011 lab report confirming that Shreve had Hepatitis C, likely for some time. The file is viewable at

In an interview for a weird online article last year at the website of The Atlantic, in which Shreve elucidated his dark art, he denied Nicholson’s allegations: “‘My blood is clean,’ [Shreve] said testily.'” See “Wrestlemaniac,” June 13, 2012,

I don’t have contact info for Shreve in the Atlanta area. WWE doesn’t respond to my inquiries. A bit mischievously, through a mutual friend, I tried to get a message through to Bruno Sammartino, who last week joined Abdullah the Butcher in the WWE Hall of Fame after years of resistance — for reasons Sammartino promptly apologized for or blew off after coming to a suitable business deal with former enemy Vince McMahon.

One of Sammartino’s reasons was his conclusion that WWE’s hyped “wellness policy” for performers is the real deal. So I also asked Sammartino to comment on Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. In his WrestleMania main event, Johnson is reported to have sustained all kinds of injuries to a physique whose artificial enhancement was blatant . His torn abdominal, for example, was something in scant evidence in sports-medicine literature before the steroid era.


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