California Legislator With Oversight of Golden West College Comments on Mark Schubert-Bill Jewell ‘Investigation’

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The controversy over Golden West College’s sham investigation of allegations of misconduct by a youth club swim coach there, Bill Jewell, and the cover-up of those complaints by the team’s owner, Mark Schubert, has begun to draw the attention of California legislative leaders.

State Assemblymember Das Williams, chair of the Assembly’s Higher Education Committee, which oversees the community college system, issued this statement last night in response to a query from Concussion Inc.:

“Inappropriate touching of underage athletes is unacceptable, so of course use of taxpayer funds to investigate such allegations is appropriate, but such investigations should be thorough and impartial. It is incumbent on those in charge to conduct the most thorough investigation possible in pursuit of the truth.”

We are waiting for Williams’ counterpart on the State Senate side — Carol Liu, chair of the Senate Education Committee — to weigh in, too.

The same question faces elected officials in Utah. University of Utah has hired “outside investigators” to probe the failure of an earlier campus investigation to bring to light the multifaceted misbehavior and abuse of swim coach Greg Winslow. But so far the outside investigators aren’t investigating any better than the inside investigators did.



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California Community College’s Farcical ‘Investigation’ of Swim Coaches Mark Schubert and Bill Jewell Is a Template for Every Whitewash Institutional Probe — Like the One Now at Utah

Published March 24th, 2013

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