Bodybuilding Guru Joe Weider Dies

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Joe Weider, the retired founder of the Muscle & Fitness magazine line and of the International Federation of Body-Builders, has died at 92.

I didn’t talk to Joe Weider, but I had some hilarious conversations with his brother and partner, Ben Weider, for my 1992 Spy magazine cover story (Arnold Schwarzenegger on the cover) about WWE kingpin Vince McMahon’s failed attempt to take over bodybuilding. Ben Weider died in 2006, at age 85.

The article, “Pimping Iron,” became a chapter in my book Wrestling Babylon. My interview about that piece, with Roy Firestone for ESPN’s Up Close, is viewable at

I see I had a little bit of hair left then, plus contact lenses.

Irv Muchnick

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