Dear Sun Devil Aquatics Owner Mike Chasson: What Have You Communicated to Your Families About the Greg Winslow Sex Abuse Charges? Answer: (sound of crickets chirping)

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March 15, 2013
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March 17, 2013

Yesterday I emailed Mike Chasson, the president of Sun Devil Aquatics on the Arizona State University campus, with the simplest and most transparent of questions:

“What has Sun Devil Aquatics communicated to swimmers and families since the report late last month that an ASU police report recommends that the Maricopa County attorney enter two felony charges of sex abuse of a minor, who was an SDA athlete, against Greg Winslow, from the period when he was on the SDA staff?”

Chasson did not respond. Anyone else who thinks he or she might have more clout with Coach C is invited to email yourself ( and let me know what you find out.

The Winslow case is the current, and one of the most illuminating, examples of an abusive coach who program- and venue-hopped, the same way molesting priests shuffled parish to parish and diocese to diocese. On top of the Alphonse-and-Gaston act they are playing with the University of Utah administration, ASU administrators won’t say whether they have alerted other universities and USA Swimming clubs, where Winslow has enjoyed daily exposure to kids in a nearly two-decade-long coaching career, to even the basic known public facts.

Chasson won’t even say if and to what extent he is informing the youth club families, present and past, at the very site where the criminal investigation of Winslow is focused.

And just to remind you: Chasson is the husband of attorney Jill Chasson, who heads USA Swimming’s National Board of Review (and has said she will recuse herself in any investigation of Winslow by that organization). The Chassons themselves met when she was a swimmer, and he an assistant coach, at Stanford.

People with experience in the sexual abuse field know that the odds are slim that a pedophile stops at a single victim.

Parents of Winslow swimmers in Arizona and other locales have a right to know. Concussion Inc. has set out to find them and tell them.


Irv Muchnick

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