Utah Responds: Our Greg Winslow Investigator Is a Sex-Crimes Specialist

Greg Winslow Files: Part 4 — Timing of Two Female Swimmers’ Interviews in Two Investigations Is Key to Possible University of Utah Cover-Up
March 5, 2013
Greg Winslow Files: Part 5 — Predecessor Swim Coach at Utah, Mike Litzinger, Left Under a Similar Cloud of Allegations
March 5, 2013

In the previous post we raise questions about the timing and content of the Arizona State University police and University of Utah administrative investigations of deposed swim coach Greg Winslow.

Krista Pickens, director of Utah’s Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action, forwarded our query to campus spokesman Keith Sterling. The text of Sterling’s email is reproduced as a P.S. in the last item and we repeat it here:

“We do not disclose the individual names of those interviewed during investigations, but we did talk with more than 50 people including members of the team and were thorough in our questioning. Ms. Pickens is a former sex crimes investigator with the Salt Lake City PD and is well trained in this area.”

My comment: University of Utah officials come perilously closer here to admitting that they covered up known information about Winslow’s sexual misconduct before we “surprised” them last Wednesday night with the news that ASU police were recommending two felony charges against Winslow in Maricopa County for sexual abuse of a minor. The well-trained Pickens surely would have asked interviewees — including Utah swimmers and Arizonans Traycie Swartz and Danielle Caldwell, who were also interviewed during the same period by ASU police — about Winslow’s well-known brushes, at a minimum, with sexual impropriety.

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