Will USA Swimming ‘Safe Sport Director’ Susan Woessner Recuse Herself From the Investigation of Greg Winslow’s Alleged Sex Abuse at ASU?

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March 3, 2013
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March 3, 2013

As we’ve already reported, Jill Chasson of USA Swimming’s National Board of Review has said she’ll recuse herself from any investigation of suspended University of Utah coach Greg Winslow on two sex abuse charges now under consideration by the Maricopa County attorney in Arizona. They involve acts committed during Winslow’s tenure as a coach at Sun Devil Aquatics on the Arizona State University campus — a club owned by Mike Chasson, husband of Jill Chasson.

But now that we’re examining all the incestuousness and challenged ethics in the ranks of elite swimming, here’s one I missed: Dorsey Tierney-Walker, the current head coach of women’s swimming at ASU, previously coached Susan Woessner, USA Swimming’s director of safe sport, at Indiana University.

So I wonder if Woessner will recuse herself, too. (I also would like to know if her sister Geri Woessner, who last fall joined the USA Swimming executive staff in Colorado Springs with the title of business development manager, will reassess the prospects of sponsorships, licensing deals, and other “revenue enhancement” programs in the states of Utah and Arizona until these allegations are resolved.)

I’ll proceed to ask S. Woessner. But readers are strongly warned not to hold their breath waiting for an answer, especially if they’re anywhere near a swimming pool. The crack legal staff of Concussion Inc. LLP has advised me to disclaim liability for any cases of shallow water blackout syndrome that might result.



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