Back to San Diego: Don’t Believe a Word of the Nonsense from Con Man James Pantera About Whistleblower Mike Saltzstein’s ‘Bullying’ and ‘Retaliation’

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March 1, 2013
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March 1, 2013

Convicted federal felon and con man James Pantera soon will be toast, if he isn’t already. The San Diego Unified School District’s Serra High School, while not admitting that it hired Pantera as its head swimming coach in the first place, at least walked back its initial statement and thereby restored a smidgen of sanity — confirming that it “will not” hire him. Unfortunately, the school’s 2013 swim season may be in shambles.

Thanks to the foot-dragging, ass-covering antics of USA Swimming, Pantera’s status with a new club organization he is trying to get off the ground through San Diego Parks & Rec is unfolding with a few more complications. But in the end I don’t expect even the Colorado Springs mafia to be so stupid as to dig in their heels in defense of this clown.

Anyway, let’s clear up once and for all the Pantera canard that whistleblower Mike Saltzstein is a bully or is bent on retaliation. On January 25, a month before Pantera claims he filed some kind of complaint against Saltzstein, for which he is supposedly retaliating, Saltzstein received the message below, which launched his investigation of Pantera. So Saltzstein didn’t even initiate it; he just followed through on it, in keeping with his high character and determination to clean up the sickeningly dirty sport of swimming.

See below.
Irv Muchnick

To: Mike Saltzstein
Sent: Friday, January 25, 2013 5:32 PM
Subject: Fw: Inquiry & Information

Mike –

xxxxx swim for Serra High School. It recently came to my attention that there was some information about the new coach James Pantera on the Internet that at a
minimum is interesting.

I know that Mr. Pantera is an official, and I assume he has been thru the background screening that is required. xxxxx swimmers who will be under his care and the coach of many swimmers at local meets, I thought the attached information should be brought to the LSC’s attention.

If it was all previously know then I apologize for taking up your time.

I do not advocate a position one way or another, simply that informed decisions be reached.
Here are a few links. The first is his current website xxxxx. The second is a news article relating to him.

The third is a quick check of the WI local court system. The final is FBI paper that used Pantera as a test case noting the use of alias, and differing bios.

I do not intend on repeating this information xxxxx but thought you xxxxx should be made aware.,16

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