Dear San Diego Board of Education: Correct the School District’s Inaccurate Account of the Hire of Con Man Swim Coach James Pantera

Published February 26th, 2013, Uncategorized

Following is the text of an email sent to the members of the San Diego Unified School District Board of Education: Scott Barnett, Richard Barrera, Kevin Beiser, John Lee Evans, Marne Foster.


James Pantera, the swim coach at Serra High School, is a federal felon and a con man. See “EXCLUSIVE: Mysterious, Criminal New San Diego Youth Club Swim Coach Slips Past USA Swimming’s ‘Background Check’,” February 23,; “Read It Now — 103-Page Dossier on Con Man San Diego Youth Swim Coach James Pantera & Aliases,” February 25,; “More Details on Con Man San Diego Youth Swim Coach James Pantera’s Criminal Record,” February 25,; “AP With a Longer One on USA Swimming’s Con Man Coach in San Diego,”

I inquired to Superintendent Kowba and Principal Jimenez. The statement issued by the District this morning is false. “Statement From San Diego Unified School District on Con Man Swim Coach James Pantera,” February 26,; “Con Man James Pantera: Current Head Swim Coach / Applicant to Be Assistant Swim Coach at San Diego’s Sierra High,” February 26,; “San Diego School District Lied — Serra High School Website Still Lists Con Man James Pantera As Swim Coach,” February 26,

I have asked Messrs. Kowba and Jimenez, and District staffers Zintz and Brandais, for a corrected statement. I have received back neither that statement nor acknowledgment of receipt of my message.

I am standing by for your own.

Irvin Muchnick