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ARCHIVE 11/17/08: And Now for the SECOND Benoit Wikipedia Edit
May 20, 2009
ARCHIVE 11/18/08: Yo, Connecticut Cops — Help Us Out on Your Benoit Wikipedia Hacker Investigative Gaps
May 20, 2009

My Australian mate emails this clarification:

More on the Second Benoit Wikipedia Edit

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

My Australian mate emails this clarification:

“I am responsible for the IP address ranges allocated to our company which are then allocated to our customers when they connect to the Internet. It would have been one of our customers that looked up the website you mention. As such I do not have access to any data that can identify the website you are after. I also cannot share the customer details who was allocated the mentioned IP address.”

And that, I think, is the end of that lead.

But I still believe there are wrestling fans out there who could point me to the sites that were batting around Benoit rumors on Sunday night, June 24, 2007. If we can isolate those, we can evaluate them. Obviously, “someone told me Nancy died” doesn’t mean anything. But there had to be a lot of backstage chaos in Houston that day and night. The Nancy-is-dead rumor pops out from a number of contemporaneous angles; and the authorities have all too thoroughly documented one that is easily dismissed (a discussion board), while covering up the documentation of another that may be less easily dismissed (Wikipedia).

Anyone with info can send it to

Irv Muchnick

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