Lawyer for Olympic Coach Mark Schubert, the Spy Who Hated Me, Lied to Swimming World About Private Investigator. Will Magazine Correct the Record?

And One More Thing on the Hutchison-Kukors Affair and Olympic Coach Mark Schubert, the Spy Who Hated Me
January 25, 2013
Swimming World Magazine Speaks: Olympic Coach Mark Schubert, the Spy Who Hated Me, Lied About Hiring Private Investigator to Follow Ariana Kukors and Sean Hutchison
January 26, 2013

In an article last October on Dia Rianda’s wrongful termination lawsuit against Mark Schubert, Swimming World magazine quoted Schubert lawyer Richard Foster saying:

“Schubert never hired a private investigator and never had any evidence that [Sean] Hutchison had an inappropriate sexual relationship with one of his swimmers. Plaintiff’s allegations are simply false.”


However, as our story yesterday makes clear, Schubert admitted in his recent deposition that he gave the name of a private investigator to Bill Jewell, and the gumshoe proceeded to get the goods on FAST coach Hutchison’s relationship with swimmer Ariana Kukors — information which, in turn, was leaked to the Washington Post. (Today’s Orange County Register adds that Schubert’s wife works for a private investigation agency.)

Standing by for Swimming World‘s correction. Obviously, it’s not their fault that Foster lied to them, but they owe their readers the facts.


Irv Muchnick

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