Notre Dame BCS Title Pre-Game (Sex Crime) Notes

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January 4, 2013
USA Swimming Opens ‘Formal Investigation’ of Rapist Judge Who Became Coach; Suggests No Censure of Colorado Club for Failing to Report Him
January 9, 2013

Dave Zirin ‏@EdgeofSports
The rape of Lizzy Seeberg & her suicide has never been addressed by Notre Dame’s ever-so-honorable football program. …

Irvin Muchnick ‏@irvmuch
@EdgeofSports Great work on Lizzy Seeberg rape & suicide. Notre Dame AD Jack Swarbrick has also counseled USA Swimming (link next tweet).

Irvin Muchnick ‏@irvmuch
See “Notre Dame Football, USA Swimming — Partners in Lawyering Up on Sex Crimes”: @EdgeofSports

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