Muchnick Media on Jovan Belcher; Costas Side of the Gun Commentary Upcoming

Costas Gun Control Commentary Taps Into an Old Culture War … And Doesn’t Lay a Glove on King Football
December 4, 2012
In Defense of Costas: He Was Addressing Gun ‘Culture’ — And He Is More Than Willing to Hold NFL to Account As Firmer Jovan Belcher Evidence Emerges
December 4, 2012

Jim Richards of Toronto’s NewsTalk1010 interviewed me yesterday about the Jovan Belcher story. You can hear the conversation at I’ll try to have it up soon, as well, at the YouTube channel (

Richards sets up the interview by running down the Belcher murder-suicide. Then there’s an interruption from a breaking local news story. Then Jim and I talk. On the first segment, my audio is not as clear as it should be because I was on speaker, before the producer advised me to switch to my handset.

After I hang up, Richards moves on to the controversial Bob Costas “gun culture” commentary on NBC’s Sunday night football broadcast, which I’ve also been writing about. That is timely to note here, since I was talking to the Costas camp earlier today for his side of that story. I’ll be posting that item shortly.

On Thursday I’m taping an interview with Dave Zirin for his Edge of Sports program on Sirius/XM radio. I understand that will air a week from Friday, December 14.


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