NO LONGER CENSORED: Investigative Reporter Tim Joyce’s Story on Sex Abuse Allegations at Michael Phelps’ North Baltimore Aquatic Club

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October 10, 2012
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Readers new to the USA Swimming sex abuse scandals, or just looking for a complete record of the reporting on this issue, now can view Tim Joyce’s article “Swimming Coach Accused Of Molestation At North Baltimore Aquatic Club,” as it appeared on the website of Baltimore’s WBAL Radio before station management killed it — along with Joyce’s entire body of investigative reporting for WBAL.


To review: This went online on Wednesday, October 3, and investigative reporter Joyce was scheduled to be interviewed on-air about it, when station management pulled the piece. WBAL restored it Wednesday evening and re-booked Joyce’s radio interview, which happened the next day. Then on Friday, without explanation, the station “disappeared” not only this article but also Joyce’s entire body of work on the swimming story over a period of months.

Four days ago, this blog revealed that the North Baltimore Aquatics Club (NBAC) coach in question is Murray Stephens, mentor to Olympic champions and member of the International Swimming Hall of Fame. NBAC is the swimming home of Michael Phelps, who now owns the club in partnership with his coach, Bob Bowman.


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