USA Swimming Pedophile Will Colebank’s 2007 Arrest Report

Published October 1st, 2012, Uncategorized

The Woodland Park, Colorado, police now have released to me the full report on Will Colebank’s 2007 arrest on child pornography charges. Colebank, the former club development director for USA Swimming, had been abruptly dismissed from his position with the Colorado Springs-based organization, then turned up as a middle school teacher in the same community before his own son and wife turned him in to the authorities.

The police report is viewable at

Next, I’ll turn to the court files of Colebank’s two subsequent felony convictions. I also will be pressing the Denver Post on why it apparently did not cover the Colebank case beyond the single report of his arrest. The Post reporter (and, indeed, the Woodland Park police who busted Colebank) may well have been unaware of his USA Swimming background, but it is difficult to believe that none of that background emerged through the whole course of the movement of the case through the criminal justice system.

My sincere thanks to Chief Robert Larson and the staff at Woodland Park P.D. for their courtesies.

Irv Muchnick