Exclusive: Congressman Mike Honda ‘Has Begun Looking Into Congressional Hearings’ on USA Swimming Sex Abuse

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September 28, 2012
Weekend Reading on USA Swimming Sex Abuse Scandals — From Rapist Coach Rick Curl to Congressman Mike Honda’s Interest
September 29, 2012

Yesterday I began canvassing members of Congress on where they stand on the need for hearings to investigate the youth sex abuse scandals at USA Swimming.

I began with Congressman Mike Honda, a California Democrat. Honda promotes his membership in a group of representatives and senators who call themselves the “Anti-Bullying Caucus.” More pointedly, Honda’s 15th District is “ground zero” of this sordid story, with the emergence in recent years of victims of Andy King, Norm Havercroft, and other South Bay-based coaches.

Today Honda’s senior aide, Ashley Roybal-Reid, told me, “Congressman Honda has begun looking into what formal action our office can take to address this problem, including, but not limited to, Congressional hearings. At this point, Congressman Honda is very concerned about the issue, but our specific course of action is still being determined.”

I also asked Honda’s office if the congressman had been contacted by constituent-victims and asked to become involved. Roybal-Reid confirmed that a group had been in touch with Honda and met with his staff.

My takeaway remains the same: Bullying is bad and unacceptable. Sex abuse is heinous. The enabling and cover-up of the latter, across decades, by our national sport governing body require the immediate intervention of Honda and other elected officials.

Irv Muchnick

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