Tim Joyce on USA Swimming’s Weasel Language and Blame-the-Victim Line With Rapist Coach Rick Curl

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September 20, 2012
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September 21, 2012

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“USA Swimming’s Suspension Of Curl Raises More Questions Than Answers”


* “It took one year for an investigator, a former FBI agent, to locate a victim of abuse by one of the most high profile coaches in the sport?”

* ” David Berkoff himself heard about Currin’s abuse  twenty years ago. So what’s the point for a victim like Currin to come forward in such an environment, when nobody seems to believe you – or, if they do believe you, it’s evident that nothing would be done.”

* “If one scours the scant media coverage of the Curl suspension, words that are often ascribed to the story are ‘improper relationship’ or ‘sexual relationship.’  Kelley Currin was the victim of sexual abuse. Likely, of rape.”

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