USA Swimming Board Member David Berkoff ‘Signaled Left But Turned Right’ on Coach Sex Abuse

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August 22, 2012
EXCLUSIVE: Full Text of 2010 Email Confirms That USA Swimming Board Member David Berkoff Noted Widespread Knowledge of Coach Rick Curl’s Sexual Abuse
August 23, 2012

Tony Austin, a California swimmer who authors what he calls the “SCAQ Blog,” yesterday cited the quotes here from David Berkoff’s cryptically redacted 2010 email about sex abuse in USA Swimming. See

Austin also wrote that when running for the organization’s board of directors in 2010, Berkoff  was highly critical of USA Swimming’s handling of the issue “and summarily made promises as to what he would do if elected.” Austin continued:

“I endorsed him when he was running and I even turned my head the other way when he borrowed from this blog in a long ‘manifesto’ he posted in the comments section to a Swimming World article. Once elected, it was if all his rhetoric in the private emails and the postings on message boards was nothing but election rhetoric. He signaled left but he turned right.”

Tomorrow, ConcussionInc. will publish exclusively a smoking-gun document in the swimming sex abuse scandal.


Irv Muchnick

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