‘Olympic Gold Medalist Denounced USA Swimming Child Sex Abuse – But Now Serves on its Board of Directors’ … today at Beyond Chron

Confronting the Corporate Sponsors of USA Swimming
April 17, 2012
Author’s Statement of Interest in ‘PENN STATE IN THE POOL: The Cover-Up of the USA Swimming Youth Coach Sex Abuse Scandal’
April 18, 2012

This week I published the e-book PENN STATE IN THE POOL: The Cover-Up of the USA Swimming Youth Coach Sex Abuse Scandal. It includes, from court records, a facsimile printout of a July 2010 email in which David Berkoff – who won gold medals for swimming the backstroke legs of victorious American medley relay teams in both the 1988 and 1992 Olympics – conversed with Jeff Chida.

This Minnesota swimming parent was raising a stink about an allegedly molesting coach in his parts, three months after ABC’s 20/20 blew the whistle on the biggest known pedophilia ring outside the Catholic Church. “Denying knowledge of [REDACTED] and others banging their swimmers! It’s a flat out lie,” Berkoff wrote.


Berkoff’s 2010 email continued: “They knew about it because we (coaches and athletes) were all talking about it in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. I was told by several of [REDACTED] swimmers that he was sleeping with [REDACTED] in 1988. I was told the whole [REDACTED] story from Pablo Morales over a handful of beers and nearly threw up.”



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