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February 23, 2012
Concussion Inc.’s Coverage of Dave Duerson Suicide and Aftermath: Complete Links
February 23, 2012

“Family of former Bear Dave Duerson sues over his suicide”


On February 20, 2011, I wrote a blog post headlined, “There’s No Overstating Where the Dave Duerson Suicide Could Lead.”

Two days later I wrote:

The gruesome decades-long underground American saga that is the football concussion crisis has never gotten in our faces quite like the story of the suicide last week, at age 50, of … Dave Duerson. How many levels are there to the news that Duerson put a gun to himself, but not before texting family that he wanted his brain donated for research on the brain-trauma syndrome now known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE)? Let us, like Elizabeth Barrett Browning, count them…

The reporting at this blog then went to investigate, with unique intensity, Duerson’s controversial service as a board member of the Bert Bell / Pete Rozelle NFL Retirement Plan, in which capacity he helped reject the disability claims of many fellow ex-players who suffered from the same long-term traumatic brain injuries that we now know Duerson himself had. Since then, I have been advocating the reopening of all disability claims on which Duerson deliberated.

In November I published the first title in our ebook series, DUERSON, which is available at http://amzn.to/wGbxHd.

Next post: Complete links to all the Duerson coverage at Concussion Inc.


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