Today’s NFL and WWE News Roundup. What Do They Have in Common?

Just For Fun: Muchnick Reviews ‘Haywire’ Starring Gina Carano (at Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer Website)
January 23, 2012
Chris Shays’ WWE Death Number Is Debatable. WWE’s WWE Death Number Is Laughable.
January 24, 2012

Correct answer to the headline question: Dr. Joseph Maroon, team neurosurgeon for the Pittsburgh Steelers and medical director for WWE.

– New York Giants players say they targeted Kyle Williams, the San Francisco 49ers’ goat in Sunday’s conference championship game, because they knew he’d had four concussions. See

– Connecticut’s Senate campaign Groundhog Day plods forward, with WWE disputing the wrestler death claims of Chris Shays, the Republican opponent of WWE co-founder and former CEO Linda McMahon. See Hearst newspapers’ Neil Vigdor truth-squads the company line that “five wrestlers have passed away under contract.” Vigdor notes, “During the 14 months of McMahon’s 2010 Senate candidacy alone, five former WWE wrestlers under the age of 60 died.”


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