Pay No Attention to the Messed-Up Web Page for UPMC Ebook

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January 22, 2012
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January 23, 2012

Quick note to those of you interested in my new ebook UPMC: Concussion Scandal Ground Zero. Over the weekend, while trying to load new promo text here, I did something stupid with the html code and accidentally erased all the info you’re supposed to get about that title when you click on the images of the Concussion Inc. ebooks on the home page of this site. Our crack staff will fix the problem, after first admonishing your humble blogger never to touch html code again.

UPMC: Concussion Scandal Ground Zero was, is, and will be available for $1.49 on Amazon Kindle ( or as a plain PDF file by sending $1.49 via PayPal to


Irv Muchnick

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