New Concussion Class-Action Lawsuit by College Players

Wannabe Senator Linda McMahon, Congresswoman Diane Black, and the ‘Sports-Drug-Testing-Industrial Complex’
November 29, 2011
Exclusive at Concussion Inc.: Documenting the Federal Government’s Multimillion-Dollar Support of University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Concussion Research
November 30, 2011

A very busy news day at Concussion Inc. Let’s get started.

George Vecsey of The New York Times has a huge, and hugely important, story today on the latest class-action litigation on the concussion issue against the National Collegiate Athletic Association. (This is at least the second such lawsuit: see “Off the Radar: Ex-Player Files Class-Action Concussion Suit Against NCAA,” September 14,

Vecsey’s must-read is at

Next here: The National Institutes of Health releases to me the grant documents and progress reports for NIH’s multimillion-dollar support of concussion research by ImPACT Applications company founders Dr. Joseph Maroon, Mark Lovell, and Micky Collins, and their team at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.


Irv Muchnick


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