Dr. Joseph Maroon Still on ‘Sports Brain Guard’ Website. So Are Kevin Guskiewicz and Julian Bailes. With or Without Permission?

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November 1, 2011
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November 2, 2011

An alert reader points out that Dr. Joseph Maroon is still an endorser at the website of Sports Brain Guard, though his presence there is less prominent. (For background, see https://concussioninc.net/?p=4908.)

The page http://www.sportsbrainguard.com/doctornews.aspx is headlined “Joseph Maroon, MD, Kevin Guskiewicz, MD, Julian Bailes, MD and Russell Blaylock, Endorse Dietary Supplements for Concussion.” Maroon is the only one pictured. Guskiewicz, of course, is the University of North Carolina researcher who recently was awarded a MacArthur Foundation “genius” fellowship. Bailes directs the Brain Injury Research Institute at West Virginia University.

(In case the marketer, Newport Nutritionals, removes this page, I have captured it, and it can be viewed at http://muchnick.net/sportsbrainguard.pdf.)

The references are deliberately, I believe sleazily, ambiguous. While there is much valid discussion of the possible benefits of fish-oil supplements in general, whether that can be ethically cited in terms of specific product endorsements by individuals is another question. I strongly suspect that Guskiewicz and Bailes, and maybe even Maroon as well, are being used without permission here by Sports Brain Guard huckster Russell Blaylock.

I am emailing Maroon, Guskiewicz, and Bailes, and I will publish any responses I receive.

I am also forwarding this to Senator Tom Udall, and continuing to invite his comment on why Maroon was not mentioned by name at the October 19 hearing of the Senate Commerce Committee.


Irv Muchnick

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