ARCHIVE 5/5/08: Dave Meltzer Misses the Point on Benoit Voicemail

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Dave Meltzer Misses the Point on Benoit Voicemail

Monday, May 5th, 2008

In a comment on his update today at the Wrestling Observer website, Dave Meltzer pulls off the daily double of being both cryptic and weak.

“There is … an article [at SLAM!] by Irv Muchnick on the Chris Benoit case,” Meltzer writes. “He was critical of the police department and absence of certain records, although at the same time, I don’t think there is anything in any evidence that will explain what happened.”

Meltzer is the dean of wrestling journalists and all that. Still, readers might want to take a gander at the piece at and decide for themselves whether “absence of certain records” might be a tad passive for a description of more than a day’s worth of calls that seem to have been willfully wiped off the log of Chris Benoit’s cell phone activity, and of the sheriff’s report’s failure to produce primary-source cell voicemail.

As I’ve told Meltzer directly, his item also carries the misleading implication that I think these serious investigative gaps could “explain” the double homicide/suicide. Like everything I’ve written about the case, my SLAM! article clearly states that these questions pertain to the surrounding narrative, not to the crime itself.

Is Meltzer trying to say that as long as Chris killed Nancy, Daniel, and himself, it doesn’t matter what WWE, a publicly traded company, might have said or done between Saturday afternoon and Monday afternoon?

If so, I disagree.

Irv Muchnick