Jim McMahon Case Class-Action Lawyer: More Concussion Lawsuits Coming ‘Over Next Few Weeks’

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September 19, 2011
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September 19, 2011

From “Football Players vs. NFL – League Mishandled Concussion-Related Injuries” by Michael Monheit, http://phoenix.injuryboard.com/head-and-brain-injuries/football-players-v-nfl-league-mishandled-concussionrelated-injuries.aspx?googleid=294248:

The most recent filing in Philadelphia [federal court on behalf of former Super Bowl quarterback Jim McMahon and others] has big goals: it is the first lawsuit against the NFL to seek class-action status. That means it could potentially include anyone who ever played in the NFL and suffered a concussion or head injury. [Larry] Coben, the attorney representing the players, indicates that “there will be additional lawsuits filed by former players over the next few weeks, taking a separate approach by bringing individual lawsuits for former players and the families of some players who have died as a result of the horribly destructive, progressive debilitating brain injury resulting from multiple concussions (and woefully inadequate follow-up) while playing NFL football.”


Irv Muchnick

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