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September 12, 2011
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September 13, 2011

The blog of Dave Pear, head of Independent Football Veterans, the best-organized group of dissident disabled National Football League retirees, occasionally republishes with permission articles by me which first appeared at Beyond Chron or my own blog. My main interest is in exposing how America’s football-concussion complex is maiming national mental health, especially in our public high schools. While I am not in the business of endorsing the factual claims or conclusions of former professionals in individual cases, it is clear that their collective grievances against the brutally callous, skewed, underfunded NFL retirement and disability system — a joint shame of the $10-billion-a-year league and its Players Association — are a valuable window into this warp of our popular culture.

After reading one of my pieces, Henry Bradley, a defensive lineman for the Cleveland Browns from 1979 to 1982, had an idea. Bradley, now 58, wrote: “I am willing to go to the NFLPA office and protest the way I have been treated. If several thousand people go to their office and express our anger — they will take us serious. We can stay there until something is done while we are still alive. I know what I have lost and who took it from me. I just had some test done and they show my condition is getting worse.”



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