Super Bowl Concussion Hype Week, Part 1: Los Angeles Times’ NFL Writer Pens a Promo for Riddell Helmets

“WWE’s Dr. Maroon belongs at center of Super Bowl week concussion conversation”
January 31, 2011
Super Bowl Concussion Hype Week, Part 2: What’s the Deal with the NFL and the Journal Neurosurgery?
February 2, 2011

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Sam Farmer, the NFL writer for the Los Angeles Times, offers a great example of the benighted coverage of the football concussion crisis by most of the media. See “New helmets should be a hit,” January 29,,0,5864830.story.

In what is basically a promo for Riddell helmets, Farmer doesn’t get around to mentioning that Riddell is currently under investigation by the Federal Trade Commission for allegedly exaggerating the safety claims in NFL-funded research at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, as published by the journal Neurosurgery in an article co-authored by Dr. Joseph Maroon, a doctor for both the Pittsburgh Steelers and World Wrestling Entertainment.

Asked for comment, Farmer emailed back, “Thanks for your information. Be well.”

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Irv Muchnick

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