How Vince and Linda McMahon’s WWE Beat the 1990s Sex Charges: A Resource Guide

How the McMahons’ WWE Beat the Rap in the 1990s (Part 1, the Sex Charges)
November 29, 2010
How the McMahons’ WWE Beat the Rap in the 1990s (Part 2, the Steroid Charges)
November 30, 2010

“Tampering Cloud Over Wrestling Big’s Trial,” by Jack Newfield and Phil Mushnick, New York Post, November 22, 1995 — full text viewable at

“The Fixer: Journalist. Private Eye. Mole. Snitch. It’s All in a Day’s Work for Marty Bergman, the Zelig of New York’s Information Highway,”  by William Bastone, Village Voice, December 19, 1995 — full text viewable at

12/22/09, “Linda McMahon’s Husband Vince Fought the Law, and the Law Lost (Part 2 – 1992 Drug and Sex Scandals”),”

4/19/2000, “How Linda McMahon Managed the WWE Pedophile Scandal’s Damage Control,”

5/15/10, “In Bed With the WWF: Sex and Scandal in Pro Wrestling,”

8/1/10, “Politico Is Latest Media Outlet to Bury the Lead of Its Own Linda McMahon Scandal Story,”

8/3/10, “Politico’s Story on Linda McMahon’s Management of the Wrestling Pedophile Ring Story Closes the Subject … For Now,”

8/3/10, “Pedophile Accuser’s 1993 Complaint Against Linda McMahon’s Wrestling Company,”

10/12/10, “Linda McMahon’s Lawyer Threatens Lawsuit Against Talking Points Memo,”

10/13/10, “EXCLUSIVE: Linda McMahon’s WWE Kept Vince’s Rape Accuser Employed Longer Than Geraldo Lawsuit Suggests,”

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