Bad Week for Vince McMahon Ends Badly – Brock Lesnar Loses UFC Title and His Staged Staredown with the Undertaker Is Meaningless

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Brock Lesnar, the former World Wrestling Entertainment performer who became the heavyweight champion and biggest pay-per-view star of the mixed martial arts Ultimate Fighting Championship, was dethroned last night in Anaheim, California, in a first round technical knockout by Cain Velasquez.

The Undertaker, one of WWE’s biggest names, was in attendance. After the fight, he and Lesnar had a brief staredown during an interview with the former at See the video at

The only explanation was that this confrontation was a publicity stunt for a hoped-for renewal of the Undertaker-Lesnar WWE feud at next spring’s WrestleMania. Rest assured that the person who arranged the stunt was not UFC honcho Dana White, but WWE hypemeister Vince McMahon.

The only problem is that Lesnar had just lost. He is no longer the champion of the “real” UFC and, as such, no longer has as much luster as a monster fighting machine. The idea that he would switch back to the “fake” WWE and challenge Undertaker’s undefeated streak at WrestleMania fizzled before it could sizzle.

On his Internet radio broadcast last night, Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer said, “There is no deal for that match, but they [WWE] do want that match…. lf you’re Vince and you’re trying to recoup that $50 million you just lost in the election campaign, you’re going to come up with ideas like that.”


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