Irv Muchnick to Michelle Obama: Don’t Visit Vince McMahon in Stamford — After All, He Wouldn’t Come to My Book Reading

Vince McMahon Reached Out to Concussion Activist Chris Nowinski
October 15, 2010
Linda McMahon in the Bunker
October 15, 2010

Linda McMahon’s husband Vince, who is determined to be cheeky if he can’t be relevant, has invited First Lady Michelle Obama to visit World Wrestling Entertainment headquarters in Stamford when she is in the city next Monday on behalf of Linda’s Senate campaign opponent, Richard Blumenthal.

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It’s all part of a series of publicity stunts Vince launched yesterday to vent his pique at how Democratic politicians who have pandered in the past to WWE and its audience have now turned on its Mommy Warbucks as she spends $50 million on her Senate bid.

Simultaneously funny and lame. Kind of reminds me of something earlier in the year when I was in Connecticut promoting my book CHRIS & NANCY: The True Story of the Benoit Murder-Suicide and Pro Wrestling’s Cocktail of Death. I invited Vince and Linda — along with daughter Steph, son-in-law Triple H, board member Lowell Weicker, and lawyer Jerry McDevitt — to my book signing at the Borders on High Ridge Road.

But you know what? None of them ever even replied!

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