ARCHIVE 11/10/07: Cena and CNN and Me

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Cena and CNN and Me

Saturday, November 10th, 2007

On July 31 I had an approximately two-hour session with a CNN interview crew. The producer who interviewed me was neither Drew Griffin (the on-camera reporter who narrates Death Grip: Inside Pro Wrestling and interviews Vince and Linda McMahon) nor the woman seen on the WWE video interviewing John Cena.

My understanding was that the producer with whom I dealt was with the CNN series called “CNN Presents” — though I could be wrong about that. When I learned that part of my interview would be on Death Grip, I reported that on this blog and referred to it as “CNN Presents.” It turns out that the program was part of another series called “Special Investigations Unit.” I don’t know enough about the internal workings of CNN to say whether “CNN Presents” has been renamed “Special Investigations Unit,” or whether — this seems likelier — CNN, like all big news organizations, moves content around between departments.

The point is, I don’t know that the producer with whom I’d worked ultimately had a say in the final cut of Death Grip – or had any significant say in that production.

In any case, I’ve emailed the message below to this CNN producer. If I get back anything interesting, I’ll let everyone know.

Irv Muchnick


Subject: Muchnick on ‘Death Grip’

See my blog posts (links below in reverse chronological order). I’m not sure that you were even personally involved in the final cut of this piece — but in any case, if you or any of your colleagues have anything to add regarding the Cena interview, please let me know.