Syllabus for Further Reading on Politico’s Story About Linda McMahon and the WWE Pedophile Scandal

Newspaper Endorsement Scorecard: One More for Rob Simmons, One for Linda McMahon
July 30, 2010
Politico Is Latest Media Outlet to Bury the Lead of Its Own Linda McMahon Scandal Story
August 1, 2010

Ben Smith and Maggie Haberman of are the first journalists to take aboveground the story of Linda McMahon’s  management of the pedophile scandal at her World Wrestling Entertainment (then called the World Wrestling Federation) in the early 1990s. See “Linda McMahon’s world of wrestling,”

Politico left out significant swaths of the known old narrative. Smith and Haberman also filled in some spaces with important original reporting. I’ll comment in more specifics as we go along.

First, I want to point everyone to Tom Cole’s 1999 interview with Wrestling Perspective, which can be downloaded on the journal’s website (

In addition, interested readers should review these posts at this blog:

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