Commentator Suggests Linda McMahon Has Her Opponents’ Number: $50 Million

Hartford Courant Endorses Linda McMahon’s Opponent in Republican Primary
July 29, 2010
Small Correction on Missy Hyatt Statement
July 29, 2010

It would be foolish not to process the commentary by Ben Davol at, “A Senate Race Like No Other” ( Here’s the money quote:

The reality of all this is that the next Senator from Connecticut will be Mrs. McMahon. The Blumenthal campaign and others will bash away at Mrs. McMahon’s business the WWE. It is a losing strategy. The facts are this. The reason Linda has so much money is because millions of people, voters, like the WWE. Further, the McMahons got their money the old fashioned way, they earned it.

Linda will win the primary and then go head to head with Mr. Blumenthal. Problem is neither of them wants to speak without layers of handlers, prepared questions and a totally controlled environment. Advantage Linda. Her campaign will savage Mr. Blumenthal over his record by turning good to bad and day to night. The McMahon message machine will unleash on the Blumenthal campaign a deluge akin to the ferocity and regularity of the waves at Waimea Bay.

Sadly though on November third Mrs. McMahon will become what all her supporters despise, an insider.

Irv Muchnick

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