ARCHIVE 10/20/07: Lex Luger Hospitalized

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Lex Luger Hospitalized

Saturday, October 20th, 2007

Former wrestler Larry Pfohl (”Lex Luger”) is recovering at Stanford University Medical Center in California from what was either a heart attack or a stroke. He was in the Bay Area to appear at a wrestling show and fan convention in San Francisco.

Pfohl, 49, was a headliner in the 1980s for both World Championship Wrestling and the then-World Wrestling Federation. He has been destitute and on the verge of homelessness for several years. He has been candid about his drug-abusing past. He also has repeatedly and publicly expressed remorse over the role his lifestyle played in the death of Elizabeth (”The Lovely Elizabeth”) Hulette — ex-wife of Randy (”Macho Man Savage”) Poffo — in the Marietta, Georgia, home she and Pfohl were sharing. When Hulette, 42, collapsed and died on May 1, 2003, the two were mixing painkillers, anti-anxiety drugs, steroids, and alcohol.