Richard Blumenthal Campaign Clears Its Throat in First Linda McMahon Attack

Published May 25th, 2010, Uncategorized

According to, Mindy Myers, the campaign manager for Richard Blumenthal, today said:

“The people of Connecticut face a clear, stark choice between Dick Blumenthal, who will continue standing up for them against powerful interests on issues that matter, like their jobs and health care, and Linda McMahon’s self interest that’s gained her multi-million dollar profits peddling steroid-fueled violence to our kids, exploiting her workers, and obstructing investigations into possible crimes under her watch.”

The professional politico rhetoricians can break that one down. For my money, the first of the Big Three of anti-Linda talking points, “steroid-fueled violence,” which could just as easily be describing the NFL, has been pushed hard and not been shown to make much of a difference to potential McMahon voters.

Missing from the other two bullets is the word that best summarizes the funding source of the Linda McMahon campaign: death. Consciousness of the unacceptable cluster of lost lives in the pro wrestling industry is what will transform lines about independent-contractor abuse and big-business-enabled obstruction of justice from attack boilerplate to an understanding of what is truly decadent about World Wrestling Entertainment, a late-empire pop-culture phenomenon that now seeks out-and-out temporal power.

Irv Muchnick