Linda McMahon ‘Has Considered’ Having Vince Answer Steroid Questions

Eddie ‘Umaga’ Fatu Autopsy: 406 Pounds, Enlarged Heart
March 18, 2010
Watch the Cardiovascular Health Consultant for Linda McMahon’s WWE Pimp an Unregulated Supplement on YouTube
March 19, 2010

Embedded in today’s story on Linda McMahon at ( is this important passage:

In response to a question, she acknowledged that her campaign has considered making a public presentation on steroids, possibly making her husband and other WWE officials and doctors available for questions.

“It’s something we talk about internally,” McMahon said. “Should we have that kind of a presentation or continue referring a lot of these kinds of questions to WWE, who are now in a better position to respond to it?”

“A public presentation” would be worthless. Making Vince McMahon and others available for questions is essential.

The questions could start with the autopsy I posted last night of Eddie “Umaga” Fatu, 36, who died of a heart attack in December. We already knew that the coroner had determined the cause of death to be a toxic combination of prescription drugs. What the autopsy showed was that Fatu also had an enlarged heart, a common byproduct of steroid abuse.

So in addition to all the previous questions about Fatu’s drug tests and their application per the World Wrestling Entertainment wellness policy, there are questions about the heart monitoring program the company has claimed credit for instituting.

Irv Muchnick

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