Four Questions for Connecticut Gubernatorial Candidate Dan Malloy

So That’s What the WWE Flack Was Talking About
March 9, 2010
Dan Malloy on WWE
March 9, 2010

Tomorrow Dan Malloy, the former mayor of Stamford, will formally become a candidate for governor of Connecticut. My questions to him:

1. Last year you supported Linda McMahon when Governor Jodi Rell nominated her for the state Board of Education. Unlike Susan Bysiewicz, also a member of the opposite political party who backed McMahon for the job, you do not appear to have received campaign contributions from the McMahon family. So I assume that you simply felt it was your duty to protect the back of one of the long-time leading corporate citizens of your city. Or is the explanation that you didn’t yet know that Linda had lied about an academic degree in her bio?

2. In 2007 the Stamford Police Department, either intentionally or accidentally, bungled the investigation of the local college student who posted on Wikipedia a snippet about the death of Nancy Benoit — 14 hours before the double murder/suicide of World Wrestling Entertainment star Chris Benoit was discovered in Georgia. See “Linda McMahon Chronicles: Strange Tale of the Stamford Police and the ‘Benoit Wikipedia Hacker’ (Part 4 — Conclusion),” When I investigated a year later, Captain Richard Conklin — consistently the city’s highest-paid employee thanks to accrued overtime — tried to mislead me, and the police and the city corporate counsel played a shell game with me as I tried to acquire the video of the police interrogation of the kid, whose name was Matthew T. Greenberg. (With the help of the Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission, I eventually succeeded.) Why?

3. I have never said that the Stamford police and the City of Stamford were covering up for WWE. But by the way … were they?

4. You have not responded to my postcard invitation to the book signing for CHRIS & NANCY: The True Story of the Benoit Murder-Suicide and Pro Wrestling’s Cocktail of Death, at the Borders in Stamford on Thursday, March 25. That hurts my feelings. Also, though I don’t vote in Connecticut, I have a lot of friends there — most of them very large. Please come!

Irv Muchnick

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