“Time to nail U.S.- based swimming coach pedophile George Gibney” … now at Village, Ireland’s Political and Cultural Magazine

“Vince McMahon’s ‘Rosebud’ moment: Was a family secret behind his career of abuse?” … full text from Salon
February 15, 2024
“Time to nail George Gibney” — full text from Ireland’s Village Magazine
February 25, 2024

George Gibney, the story that won’t die, is also the story that won’t live – or at least isn’t given the oxygen to breathe.

The latest example follows last November’s headlines about the status of investigations by the Garda and the Director of Public Prosecutions. They suggest that this Olympic year could be the one that finally delivers justice in the excruciating legacy of Gibney, whom I call the most notorious at-large sex criminal in sports history. But that probably won’t happen if the authorities are under no pressure to drop the other shoe.

Only constant reminders of the range and tawdry depths of this scandal have the promise of holding government officials’ feet to the fire and ensuring that the current prospective new Gibney prosecution doesn’t fizzle, in the manner of multiple previous initiatives.


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