More Signs That a George Gibney 2.0 Prosecution in Ireland Could Be Happening

BREAKING: George Gibney Criminal Investigation Opened in Ireland
November 1, 2023
George Gibney Bullet Points on Twitter / X
November 6, 2023


“BREAKING: George Gibney Criminal Investigation Opened in Ireland,” November 1,


by Irvin Muchnick


Again from the Irish news media, there are signs that the director of public prosecutions there means business this time in the latest consideration of a new prosecution of Florida resident George Gibney, former coach of the Irish Olympic swimming team and the most notorious at-large sex criminal in sports history.

The Irish Examiner reports: “George Gibney: Gardaí confident of extraditing swim coach if DPP brings new charges.”

Even more pointed is this one from the Irish Independent: “Gardaí contact US authorities about former swim coach George Gibney in latest investigation.”

If Gibney indeed gets flown back to Ireland in the near future, in handcuffs and leg irons, the questions unlikely to be raised purposefully by mainstream organs either there or here include:

* What took so long?

* Specifically, why wasn’t Gibney ever prosecuted for his 1991 rape – on American soil, in Tampa – of one of his teen swimmers on a training trip? Did American and Irish police and prosecutorial agencies do any work whatsoever to share information and evidence on this incident, per European Union legal protocols?

* What are the details of an investigation of Gibney in recent years by the U.S. Justice Department’s Money Laundering and Asset Recovery Section – undertaken by the office’s human trafficking finance specialist?

* What about Gibney’s enablers, both in high places in Ireland and at the American Swimming Coaches Association (which likely engineered a coaching job for Gibney at a USA Swimming club in Colorado after he scored legal residency here with a diversity lottery visa)?

On Friday I was contacted by an editor for the Irish edition of London’s Sunday Times. The editor wanted my help with pinning down the current address of the septuagenarian Gibney in Altamonte Springs, Florida, and offered to pay me. I turned down the offer of payment, with the explanation that I consider the mere “doxxing” of Gibney to be far from the journalistic heart of this story. But I did give them the information. I also tipped the Times that the person who would answer a knock on the door was likely to be Gibney’s housemate, “Brother” Pedro Colon. And that was indeed the case. See “George Gibney has nothing to worry over, says Florida housemate,”

My book UNDERWATER: The Greed-Soaked Tale of Sexual Abuse in USA Swimming and Around the Globe will be published next year by ECW Press. It includes two chapters on George Gibney.

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