Tomorrow at the Chicago Tribune: My Op-Ed ‘Football Belongs Out of Our Public Schools’

Former Speed Skater Eva Rodansky to the Commission on the State of the U.S. Olympic Movement: ‘U.S. Speedskating Is a Corrupt Monopoly’
May 5, 2023
‘Popular or not, football and its destructive effects don’t belong in our public schools’ – Today in the Chicago Tribune
July 28, 2023

Tomorrow, Friday, the Chicago Tribune will be publishing my op-ed article “Popular or Not, Football Belongs Out of Our Public Schools,” alongside a Tribune editorial calling for general culture change in the sport.

My book Without Helmets or Shoulder Pads: The American Way of Death in Football Conditioning, will be published October 3.

The launch event will be Thursday, October 5, at Books Inc. in Berkeley, California:

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Frank Deford, late dean of sportswriters:
“Irv Muchnick produces magnificent investigative journalism.”

Bob Costas, Emmy Award-winning sportscaster:
“Football’s massive popularity is undeniable, as are the many reasons players and fans are drawn to the game. But what is also undeniable is the game’s brutality and the troubling aspects of football culture at all levels. To whatever extent the reader shares Irv Muchnick’s perspective and conclusions, the evidence and arguments he presents deserve thoughtful attention.”

Robert Lipsyte, former New York Times columnist; author of The Contender and SportsWorld:
“Muchnick’s jeremiad digs deeper than ever into the greed and hypocrisy of high school and college football and the trail of broken bodies left in their wake. His information on the perils of conditioning is essential reading and might save your kid’s life.”

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