‘Vince McMahon’s hush-money scandal: A window into Trump’s America’ … today at Salon

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June 26, 2022
‘When abuse scandals hit, colleges hire “independent” investigators — and the cover-up begins’ (full text from Salon)
July 19, 2022

… Beginning nearly 40 years ago, I wrote some of the earliest major articles that took the wrestling industry seriously and explored the relationship between its explosion and the breakdown of regulations, specifically, and of civil society, generally – for publications such as Penthouse, Washington Monthly and Spy. So I am here to review that story, but also to do more.

Yes, the wrestling-ization of America, like the Trumpfication of America, has been insidious and inexorable. But it has not been inevitable. In the case of Vince McMahon, there were rope guides to his ascent. And there were missed opportunities, by the media and most especially by prosecutors. There was one huge missed opportunity to take him down nearly 30 years ago.


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