ABC News’ Kate Snow Twitters About Clowning Around with Linda McMahon

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January 10, 2010
Puff-Piece Trilogy: ABC News’ Softball Linda McMahon Interview With Kate Snow
January 10, 2010

Yesterday Kate Snow, the ABC News anchor and correspondent whose Twittter handle is @abckatesnow, tweeted the following:

“All you WWE fans- Linda McMahon challenged me to an arm wrestling match. Profiling her Senate bid on World News tonight.”

Snow’s ABC News colleague Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) then tweeted:

“@abckatesnow she would beat you and @billweirabc combined.”

And Snow wrapped up this witty badinage with:

“@jaketapper McMahon did challenge me to arm wrestle but when I put my arm on the table she glanced at our cameras and thought better of it.”

Couldn’t have summarized the pathetic values of network television news better myself.

Irv Muchnick

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