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Background of ‘CHRIS & NANCY, Ultimate Historical Edition’ — Book About Benoit Murder-Suicide
March 25, 2020
ECW Press News Release on Publication of CHRIS & NANCY, Ultimate Historical Edition — Book on 2007 Benoit Murder-Suicide
April 2, 2020

CHRIS & NANCY: The True Story of the Benoit Murder-Suicide and Pro Wrestling’s Cocktail of Death, Ultimate Historical Edition, is available in ebook form. Purchase links to all major ebook platforms are at the bottom of this article. A free bonus preview of the new Introduction is at SLAM! Wrestling:

Publisher ECW Press says the print version of this new edition will be available later. The print version of the old edition is still available on Amazon at

You also can acquire an autographed copy of the original edition of CHRIS & NANCY direct from the author. Send $19.95 via PayPal to [email protected], or a money order in the amount of $19.95 to Benoit Book, P.O. Box 9629, Berkeley, CA 94709. Buyers will receive, in addition, printouts of Muchnick’s Introduction to the second edition, published in 2013, and Introduction to the new Historical Edition.


Last year ECW Press planned a March 2020 launch of a third edition of my 2009 book on the Chris Benoit double murder-suicide. We decided to label it the “Ultimate Historical Edition” and to add a Trump-centric introduction tying together some of the book’s more ambitious themes.

Of course, urgent history, in the form of an unprecedented global health crisis, has intervened. But like many others with the virtual capability of feigning continuation of some aspect of regular life and commerce, the publisher and I decided to go ahead. And I decided to follow through on a long-overdue facelift of my website.

With no illusion that this is much more than a time-killer during a period when we all have way too much “social distancing” time to kill, I invite you to look around. The new photograph of me is by Matt Wong of the Berkeley Portrait Studio ( Contrary to widespread belief, this is not the first shot of me since the invention of the Polaroid Land Camera. However, it is true that what had been floating around my site, and the web in general, were mugs taken for book jackets in 2007 and 2009.

The new was ably designed by Ama Okoro of Seattle Webd ( I asked Ama to maintain the site’s essence as the seat of my real-time journalism, with a dash of more accessible, but not heavy-handed, promotion of my books and ebooks. She did a beautiful job.

The top of the home page — “over the fold,” as we’d say in the newspaper business — is hype and purchase information for the new CHRIS & NANCY ebook.

Just below CHRIS & NANCY is a general statement of my subjects of interest and a promo for THE GEORGE GIBNEY CHRONICLES, my latest ebook original, about the climactic phase of the quest to bring to justice the former Irish Olympic swimming coach, who has been hiding in plain sight in the U.S. for a quarter of a century — “the most notorious at-large sex criminal in the history of global sports.”

Below that, you’ll see the improved look of my blog. There are more push-button links than before to my latest, followed by ready continuation to the decade-old archive of more than 4,000 posts.

For cosmetic reasons, the site search bar was taken off the home page but is now at both the “Irv’s Blog” and “Archives” sub-pages. The facility of the archives is vastly improved: instead of having to click on endless month-by-month links, you encounter a comprehensive reverse-chronological year-by-year and month-by-month listing, complete with dynamic headlines and dates. So moving forward, when I say something like, “Anyone interested in reading everything we’ve written about Braeden Bradforth, the Kansas junior college player who perished in 2018 in the most outrageously avoidable football conditioning death yet, should use the site search bar,” I’ll emphasize that the search can be conducted at the general blog ( or archives ( sub-pages .

Continuing to scroll down the home page, you’ll reach the three highlighted books or ebooks of the “Books” sub-page.

Finally, pushing through to an “underlay,” you’ll come to a capsule mission statement; the featured most recent video of my YouTube channel (; and my embedded Twitter feed (do come follow me, @irvmuch). Sharpening the presentation of the YouTube channel remains on my to-do list.

I hope you enjoy the new site. Send comments, story tips, charming observations about what a jerk I am and how ugly my picture looks, etc., to [email protected].

Irvin Muchnick’s CHRIS & NANCY: The True Story of the Benoit Murder-Suicide and Pro Wrestling’s Cocktail of Death, Ultimate Historical Edition, on Amazon Kindle:

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