In Our Public Records Act Case For UC Berkeley Documents in 2014 Ted Agu Football Conditioning Death Cover-Up, Former $300,000+ Executive Solly Fulp Will Be Deposed in San Francisco on October 3

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by Irvin Muchnick

Last month I reintroduced one of the central figures in the University of California-Berkeley cover-up of the 2014 football conditioning death of Ted Agu. He is Solly Fulp, at the time the deputy director and chief operating officer of Cal Athletics. See

Fulp is now set to be deposed by Concussion Inc. attorney Roy S. Gordet, on October 3 at a court recorder office in San Francisco, in our California Public Records Act lawsuit against UC for additional internal emails and documents related to the Agu death. One question certain to be asked of Fulp is, who is “Dad”? In a redacted production of April 2014 emails among Cal administrators who were preparing public talking points to address the Alameda County medical examiner’s Agu autopsy findings, Fulp forwarded a long thread of these messages to “Dad.”

The facts here bear on a motion that is currently set to be heard in December by Alameda County Superior Court Judge Jeffrey S. Brand. We will be arguing that the sharing of the assertedly confidential material with “Dad” constituted a waiver of any attorney-client privilege, and that the information should be released to all. The university will be arguing otherwise.

Fulp, now a senior vice president at the marketing company Learfield IMG College, was paid $345,178 a year in his position at Cal Athletics. His contract is at

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