Greater Tampa Swim Association’s Todd Hoffmeier Doesn’t Respond to Question of Whether His Sister Is a Source of Anonymous Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Ryan Gober

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by Irvin Muchnick

Todd Hoffmeier, owner and head coach of the Greater Tampa Swim Association, has not responded to a query from Concussion Inc. asking whether some of the anonymous complaints to the University of Tampa against his former business partner and coaching colleague Ryan Gober came through a fake burner email account belonging to Hoffmeier’s sister.

Hoffmeier and Gober are currently embroiled in a lawsuit in Florida state court over whether Gober is violating a non-compete clause in his work for other area swimming programs.

Gober is the women’s swimming coach at the university. His lawyer Nathan McCoy told me that some of the allegations against Gober to UT came from the email address “[email protected].”

More than a year ago, I too received an email smear of a swimming figure from this email address. The sender identified herself as “Susan Brown.” I am informed by a reliable source that “Susan Brown” is Todd Hoffmeier’s sister.

There are multiple additional points to be made about Hoffmeier’s connections to historical scandals in USA Swimming. But first things first: I have attempted to contact “Susan Brown” to confirm her true identity and to solicit whatever comments she might have on this situation. More on that next.

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