‘George Gibney Chronicles’ 2nd Edition To Be Published This Month — Will Highlight Investigation of Fugitive Irish Olympic Swim Coach’s ‘International Peru Eye Clinic Foundation’

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June 24, 2019
2nd Edition of ‘George Gibney Chronicles’ eBook Now Live at Amazon Kindle; Includes Fresh Reporting on the Fugitive Irish Olympic Swimming Coach’s Eye Clinic Mission For Children in Peru
July 5, 2019

An updated second edition of the ebook first published in March, The George Gibney Chronicles: What the Hunt For the Most Notorious At-Large Sex Criminal in the History of Global Sports Has Told Us About the Sports Establishments and Governments on Two Continents, by investigative journalist and author Irvin Muchnick, will be available on Amazon Kindle later this month. In addition, a paperback print-on-demand version is planned.

The new edition includes an introductory chapter outlining what Muchnick calls the culminating mystery of a renewed United States government investigation of Gibney: the role of the former two-time head coach of the Irish Olympic swimming team, while living in Colorado in the late 1990s, as a leader of a local Catholic church group medical mission in Peru.

On his curriculum vitae, Gibney called himself the chairman of the International Peru Eye Clinic Foundation. The George Gibney Chronicles update explains how this coincided with the period when a controversial Peruvian-based Catholic sect, Sodalitium Christianae Vitae, was establishing a U.S. presence with the support of successive archbishops of the Archdiocese of Denver.

In 2017, Muchnick settled a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit for Gibney’s immigration files following the defendant Department of Homeland Security’s appeal to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals of a ruling in Muchnick’s favor by federal judge Charles R. Breyer. Findings from the case included the revelation that, in 2010, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services had denied Gibney’s application for naturalized citizenship because he concealed his 1993 indictment in Ireland on 27 counts of sexual abuse of minors. At the same time, however, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency decided that Gibney could not be removed from the country, with the reasoning that he had never been convicted of a crime.

Since 2015, a member of Ireland’s national legislature, Maureen O’Sullivan, has been spearheading the most recent campaign to persuade the country’s director of public prosecutions to challenge the controversial 1994 Supreme Court ruling that had ended Gibney’s prosecution on technical grounds, and to consider evidence in both new and old charges pointing toward an extradition request.

Shortly after publication of the second edition of The George Gibney Chronicles, Muchnick will be traveling to Dublin to meet with Irish government officials, journalists, and families of Gibney victims.

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